TOPAZ AutoInspeX Protein Crystal Inspection Workstation

General Description

The Fluidigm TOPAZ AutoInspeX workstation is a high throughput protein crystallization system. This automated platform optimizes both the screening of crystallization conditions as well as the growth of crystals. The system offers an integrated solution for protein crystallization with its free interface diffusion (FID) method, and provides exceptional crystallization analysis via TOPAZ Chips. Free interface diffusion enables a more practical technique for crystal investigation while simultaneously preserving protein samples and also simplifying the setup process of crystallization experiments for added efficiency. The FID method surpasses traditional crystallization approaches which can be costly and time consuming as well as labor-intensive.

The Fluidigm TOPAZ Chips utilize MSL technology and avoid the need for manual pipetting, saving precious research time while precisely monitoring reagents and protein. The TOPAZ Chips also possess an integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) for pressurizing both the sample and reagents, enabling experiments to be conducted with even small quantities of protein for increased flexibility. With the ability to run up to four TOPAZ Chips concurrently, this workstation offers added efficiency in conducting crystallization experiments. The associated software allows for straightforward observation of results and also serves to regulate experimental parameters such as pressurization and valve actuation to guarantee fluid measurements that are both precise and reproducible. High end optics ensure that images are consistently focused, and an incorporated barcode scanner gives the added benefit of experiment tracking and organization. The Fluidigm TOPAZ AutoInspeX system provides a high-quality platform for both inspection and growth of crystals, offering precision and efficiency in any high throughput environment.

Fluidigm - TOPAZ AutoInspeX Protein Crystal Inspection Workstation
Complete TOPAZ protein crystallization inspection and growth workstation, with inverted microscope system and automated screening/growth system. Includes AutoInspeX Workstation, electronics cabinet, FID Crystallizer, and computer components. Includes Thinkpad laptop computer for FID Crystallizer and Jun-Air air compressor. Includes 2 barcode scanners. Comes with set of Screening Chips and Diffraction Capable Chips as shown, with user manual, software, and keys.