NanoLC-Ultra 2D

General Description

The Eksigent NanoLC system is an HPLC system for low-volume nanoliter use for proteomic analysis by mass spectrometry. This system utilizes Microfluidic Flow Control (MFC) that is able to generate precise LC gradients at nanoscale flow rates without flow splitting. By doing so, this system presents greater spray stability, increased mass spectrometer sensitivity, and can be used to ID proteins in low abundance. Furthermore, the nanoLc-2D system can be used for 2-dimensional nano HPLC. It features two binary gradient pumps, sample loading and column switching valves, and an autosampler are also included in this integrated HPLC system. Moreover, this system be used to run an automatic 2-dimensional separation or it can run two parallel, completely independent runs. All of these features make the Eksigent NanoLC a great HPLC system, as it features superior flow precision control capable of responding to a 1 nL/min change in flow rate, it also features a pump that can be use to reproduce runs without sacrificing sensitivity with technology that can operate at flow rates between 20 to 1000 nL/in without flow splitting, and provides unmatched response time compared to other nano HLPC systems.

Eksigent - NanoLC-Ultra 2D
HPLC system for low-volume nanoliter use. System includes eksigent nanoLC ultra 2D solvent module, nano LC as-2 autosampler, nanoLC 2D solvent module, and 920 autosampler. Includes sets of spare parts and power module/adapter as shown (with cables), various accessories as shown and user manual in binder. Includes disc with service manual and user guide. Does not include table. Serial Number: 06-01-05-261