General Description

The Covaris C-1000i is a dissolution system designed for a variety of mixing and shearing applications. This instrument is able to execute a range of functions, including dissolution, redissolution, and solubilization. Adaptive Focused Acoustics provide highly controllable parameters, ensuring reliable and reproducible results. This technology utilizes high-frequency acoustic energy, giving precision control of applied forces for the dissolution or mixing of samples in vessels. With vessels placed in a water bath, the only energy affecting samples is acoustic. The water bath creates an isothermal environment for the ultrasonic transducer and vessel, thus reducing the risk of heat or mechanical forces damaging molecular properties. The reliability and precision of forces applied to a specific zone (the focal zone of the transducer) are what create such reliable and reproducible results.

Applications for the C-1000i include a wide variety of mixing based functions. With such a precise power system, functionality extends all the way from gentle mixing to cell lysis. A popular function is that of DNA and other nucleic acid shearing. Additional applications for the dissolution system include compound management (emulsification, solubilization, etc), tissue disruption, and many more.

Covaris - C-1000i
Includes Pharmacia MultiTemp III recirculating chiller and Dell Dimension E520 computer system with software. Includes table with system.