MVS Multichannel Verification System

General Description

The MVS Multichannel Verification System by Artel is an instrument designed to verify the volume transfer performance of virtually any automated liquid handling systems or multichannel pipettes. While automated liquid dispensers can serve to increase both convenience and productivity in high throughputs, inaccuracies can have dire consequences for results. To combat this, the MVS confirms the veracity of sample volumes so that resultant experimental data is dependable. Sample Solution (which is supplied at different concentrations to enable volume measurements as low as 10 nL) and diluent are first loaded into a verification plate and mixed, after which the verification platform measures absorbance values and generates well-specific volume measurements. Individual volume values are automatically calculated, as are accuracy and precision for each tip or channel used for dispensing. Statistics are summarized by well, row, and column for comprehensive analysis.

Specifically, the Artel MVS Multichannel Verification System uses dual dye (from the Sample Solution) ratiometric photometry to measure volume transfer performance. To ensure consistency within the verification system itself, a calibration plate is utilized to correct any variations. Performance is measured over a volume range of 0.01 ul to 350 ul for a 96- well plate (up to 55 ul for 384 wells) and for 1 to 384 dispensing tips. The unit can measure volume transfers of both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions and can accommodate essentially any 96- or 384- well microplate. Suitable applications for this unit include assessment of step wise dilution accuracy, developing and troubleshooting assays and SOPs, and ensuring reproducibility.

Artel Inc - MVS Multichannel Verification System
Includes: - MVS Data Manager Advanced Software CD (Version 2.0-2.3) - Manual - Honeywell bar code reader - MVS Verification Plates (59 X 96-well, 25 X 284-well) - MVS Solution Reorder Pack (2 X MVS Baseline Solutions, 2 X MVS Diluent Solutions, 1 X MVS Range B Sample Solution, 1 X MVS Range C Sample Solution) - DigiClean Lens Plus