4561 Mini Benchtop Reactor

General Description

The Parr Instruments 4561 is a benchtop, stirred mini reactor. This is a 300mL reactor that features a movable vessel and can be coupled with either a self-sealing o-ring closure with no cap screws, or a PTFE gasket for higher temperatures. Depending on the type of closure, this unit can work at temperatures ranging from 250°C (for O-ring closure) to 350°C (for PTFE). There is also a high temperature option that can render this unit capable of performing at temperatures up to 500°C, but it de-rates the MAWP to 2000 psi (138 bar). The Mini Reactor has a standard MAWP of 3000 psi (200 bar) and it is designed to provide stability for stirring speeds up to 1700 rpm.

Parr Instruments Co. - 4561 Mini Benchtop Reactor