ViiA 7

General Description

The Applied Biosystems ViiA 7 is a seventh generation real-time PCR (RT-PCR) system that offers high throughput and sensitivity. A range of assays can be run using specialized TaqMan Array Micro Fluidic cards, which allows laboratories to run hundreds of reactions with assured precision and reproducibility. Both mechanical and software features combine to give sensitive, accurate, and rapid results. With such considerations taken, this system becomes an ideal choice to maximize productivity in laboratories and is best suited for labs with medium to high throughput RT-PCR productivity needs.

The optical system is built around an OptiFlex system that is designed to enhance fluorescence detection. To maximize multiplexing capabilities, emission and excitation wheels rotate freely. Each of these wheels feature six filters; the excitation filters range in wavelengths from 450 – 670 nm and emission filters from 500 – 720 nm. In providing such quality of fluorescence detection, this instrument optimizes experimental performance and maximizes laboratory research productivity. The system is also designed to allow for the maximal emission of light during detection of any assay, which creates optimal conditions for gene expression and a variety of other applications.

The ViiA 7 is suited for sensitive and rapid results for reasons beyond mechanical features. Features such as its touch screen, which is designed with one button protocols, are designed to produce rapid PCR results. In addition to this, the software with which this system is designed around facilitates easy operation and creation of protocols. This software features easy recovery of data from the past 100+ runs, which accelerates future in-depth investigations. Throughput is increased with an easy integration of robotic units to automate procedures. Even without robotic integration, the instrument’s architecture is such that the time and learning curve for operation is drastically reduced in relation to comparable systems. Most noticeable is the effortless exchanging of thermal cycling blocks, which is designed to reduce labor time.

Applied Biosystems - ViiA 7
Includes manuals, software, and accessories as pictured.
Applied Biosystems - ViiA 7
Comes with 384 well plate, a CD with ViiA 7 Software, and an expired trial version thumb drive for license activation. Minor scratch on screen.
Applied Biosystems - ViiA 7
Applied Biosystems - ViiA 7