WSPX 303TGP-71

General Description

The Alfa Laval WSPX 303TGP-71 is a continuous flow centrifuge designed for oil desludging and concentration. This powerful disc/bowl centrifuge is composed of 316L stainless steel and has the ability to process as much as 750 gallons per hour (12.7 gallons per minute) at a top speed of 9305 RPM. The unit is designed for processing and separation of oils and features an open inlet with a set paring mechanism for light and heavy phases, as well as non-self-triggered partial ejection for the solid phase.

Separation of liquids or liquids and solids is possible as long as substances are of differing densities and are not miscible. Under the influence of gravity, denser phases will settle at the bottle of the container and displace the lighter phases. Aside from increasing the effective force of gravity, this separation may be accelerated with the use of shallower vessels of large surface area, or with the integration of baffles. In disc centrifuges, circular or conical disc baffles are stacked as a column within the bowl and the solution is fed into the narrow spaces between the discs. In this manner, agitation and turbulence are avoided and settling distance of solid particles is significantly diminished so that separation efficiency is maximized.

As the solution is fed into the bowl along the center of rotation, the liquid substance is separated into phases with the densest substances (solids) accumulating on the walls of the bowl. The heavy phase of the solution will form a cylinder within the bowl while the lighter phase forms a column within the disk stack around the axis. When the columns are balanced, a continuous feed and discharge are established; for every unit of liquid fed into the bowl, an equal quantity of separated products/phases will be discharged.

Alfa Laval - WSPX 303TGP-71