Nexus 470 FT-IR

General Description

The Nexus 470 FT-IR by Nicolet Instrument Corp. is a high performance, Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer designed to provide accuracy and convenience. This system features a precision cast baseplate and secured optics to maximize reproducibility, and offers the ability to monitor the interaction between samples and IR radiation and subsequently assesses the absorption frequencies of the sample. Intensity of this absorption is then quantified, and results are provided in real time. The unit can be configured to fit multiple spectral ranges, including Far-IR, Mid-IR, Near-IR, and UV-Visible. Beamsplitters are automatically identified and aligned upon insertion into the interferometer to fit the corresponding spectral range.

This platform possesses a frequency range of 400 to 5000 cm-1 and a spectral resolution of 0.125 cm-1. Beamsplitters are KBr and have a range of 375 to 7000 cm-1. The Nexus 470 FT-IR is ideal for applications such measuring silicon oxygen, carbon content, and SOI device layer thickness.

Nicolet Instrument Corp. - Nexus 470 FT-IR
Item comes with a Nicolet Nic-Plan IR Microscope, a Whatman FTIR Gas Generator, a SpectraTech Amperage Meter, two power sources, a computer, and various miscellaneous accessories.