Mithras LB 940

General Description

The Mithras LB 940, manufactured by Berthold, is a versatile and reliable plate reader offering multimode microplate reading options. Reliability is ensured with the integration of a photomultiplier tube (PMT) that dramatically reduces noise in data acquisition. This PMT utilizes single proton counting technology that gives it highly sensitive detection capability. This also provides the instrument with a large dynamic range, able to function in a wavelength range from 340 – 650 nm (which can be extended to 200 - 1000 nm). In addition to the PMT, the LB 940 is able to obtain accurate results thanks to a combination of Z-height adjustment and crosstalk reduction. Because not all microplates are made the same, detectors need the ability to adapt to plates of differing heights. That is accomplished with this Z-height adjustment capability, as it ensures the detection system is reading from the optimal height for every sample. The device is also optimized to reduce the crosstalk between sample wells in a microplate to ensure spectral data from one well does not affect the results recorded for another.

The Mithras LB 340 has multimode capabilities, providing flexibility in experimental analysis. Reading modes include luminescence, top and bottom fluorescence, UV/Vis absorption, AlphaScreen, and Time Resolved Fluorescence. Each of these reading modes present their own set of requirements for the optical system, and it is for this reason that a Dedicated Optical Path System (DOPS) was designed. With this system, adjustments of the optical system are completely automated to change with the detection parameters defined by the operator. With the inclusion of four reagent injectors, users are granted the flexibility to efficiently pursue the completion of any number or variety of assays.

Berthold Technologies - Mithras LB 940
Model 38099-15
Berthold Technologies - Mithras LB 940
Includes software, computer, as pictured.
Berthold Technologies - Mithras LB 940
Price: $3,500