ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer, Model: 310-3

General Description

The ABI Prism 310 by Applied Biosystems is a genetic analyzing system designed to sequence, size, and quantitate nucleic acids. In addition to precision and flexibility, this platform offers exceptional convenience, with full automation for every procedural step from gel loading to data acquisition and analysis. Instrument setup is quick and easy, with a simple three step process of installing the capillary, loading preformulated polymer into the gel pump (which negates the guesswork involved in gel preparation), and placing the samples into the autosampler tray. Gel loading of the capillary with either DNA sequencing or fragment analysis polymer is accomplished automatically by the system after which the autosampler, which utilizes an electrokinetic injection technique, loads capillary with the samples in order for electrophoresis. The Performance Optimized Polymers (POP) used by the ABI PRISM for separation of DNA fragments are suitable for high resolution applications such as DNA sequencing and ensure highly reproducible results. The system is also compatible with general purpose polymer that can be modified with different concentrations or added reagents.

For increased throughput, the ABI Prism by Applied Biosystems offers multicolor detection for up to five different fluorescent dyes in a single capillary, allowing the user to multiplex several PCR samples that are labeled with multiple dyes. The analyzer is integrated with established software, ideal for practical management and transfer of data to downstream analysis software used for genotyping, sequencing, and mutation analysis. This system provides a platform that is an ideal alternative to gel based genetic research, and is flexible enough to meet the needs of many applications.

Applied Biosystems - ABI Prism 310 Genetic Analyzer, Model: 310-3
Single-capillary system, includes computer. System missing software dongle.