CM 1850-3-1

General Description

The Leica CM 1850-3-1 cryostat is used for generating tissue sections for microscopy applications and produces section slices ranging from 1 to 60 µm in thickness, and in a chamber environment that can achieve as low as -35°C. The ability of this unit to precisely create tissue sections is a function of its 8-degree (XY) specimen orientation, a vertical stroke of approximately 60 mm and the ability to quickly freeze down samples to -60°C. The splash-proof Leica CM 1850-3-1 is safely designed for the end user, and the microtome is easily removed for cleaning and disinfecting. The dimensions are approximately 3.6’H x 2.4’W x 2.4’D.

Leica - CM 1850-3-1 Cryostat
Leica - CM 1850-3-1
Leica - CM 1850-3-1 Cryostat