General Description

The Nikon Optiphot is a multi-function microscope featuring an ergonomic design and a rugged build. With a wide range of objective lens available for use, from 1.5x to 200x, the Optiphot provides sharp and clear images. In addition to the objective lens, many other components of the system are modular, allowing documentation, digital, and film cameras to be attached to the system.

Nikon - Optiphot
Includes HFX-II, FX-35A and FDX-35 with H-III. Eyepice: CFW10X. Objectives: EPlan 10x/0.25, EPlan 40x/0.65, EPlan 100x 1.25 Oil, Ph1 Plan 10x DL 0.25, Ph3 Plan 40x DL 0.65, Ph4 Plan 100x DL 1.25 Oil, .
Nikon - Optiphot