Viewlux 1430-ALLTECH

General Description

The Perkin Elmer ViewLux 1430 ultraHTS is a microplate imager engineered specifically for high throughputs. With the ability to screen hundreds of thousands of samples in a single hour, this system is ideal for applications requiring the most in efficiency and reliability while providing high performance results. Microplates are analyzed in one comprehensive reading, meaning throughput is not hindered by the density of the plate. In other screening platforms, differing well-to-lens distances can create parallax error and therefore affect data quality. This issue is circumvented thanks to the advanced technology of the ViewLux, which utilizes a telecentric lens to optimize the collection of light from the wellplate; in this way, parallax error is significantly reduced and sensitivity is optimized.

For superior versatility, this imaging system enables detection in a number of different modes, including luminescence, fluorescence, time resolved fluorescence (TRF), absorbance, and fluorescence polarization. Competent assay miniaturization is substantiated by strong data correlation between 384- and 1536- well microplates, and the multimodal capability of the unit makes it ideal for both radiometric and non-radiometric assays. Efficiency is epitomized by the speed of the system, which can sample a 1536- well microplate in half a minute, and can complete a fluorescence polarization assay in less than a minute and a half.

Another prominent feature of the ViewLux imager is its practical, CCD camera, a utility that makes the system perfect for dual luminescence investigations. With incredibly low background, the camera offers a highly sensitive detection limit, and the design of the system allows for concurrent analysis of every well at each wavelength. In this way, the signal decay typically encountered with PMT-based systems (due to cross-plate measurement time) is avoided. The CCD camera is also incorporated with the CryoTiger cooling system and compressor for optimum reliability and safety.

Flexibility and convenience are bolstered by the unit’s ability to integrate with a variety of stackers and plate handling instruments, as well as with barcode scanning systems for improved management of samples. This system is a powerful, efficient, and reliable tool, ideal for high throughput screening applications as well as drug discovery investigations.

Perkin Elmer - Viewlux 1430-ALLTECH
System equipped with Spectral Instruments 600 Series CCD Camera with CryoTiger cryocooler.