General Description

The ATP-120 by Triangle Biomedical Sciences is an automated tissue processor designed for high throughputs. This platform utilizes innovative technology for ensuring high efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in tissue processing. In order to ensure reliability, the unit features a single rotary valve situated within a heated chamber. This configuration enables the system to direct reagent flow (as well as the flow of waxes and cleaning solutions) to and from the processing chamber. In this way, operation reliability is optimized and service costs are significantly reduced. This efficient management enables users to maximize the usage of costly reagents and paraffins, with only 2.5 liters of reagent required for operation compared to the 4 liters required by many comparable platforms. Similarly, automatic paraffin cleaning circumvents the need for manual operation and decreases consumption by one third or more. For enhanced safety, the ATP-120 features an inventive design for safeguarding users from potentially harmful fumes. The unit has an enclosed reagent/pneumatic system with overfill collection to completely enclose processes and capture dangerous vapors. Additionally, this enclosed design significantly lengthens the lifespan of charcoal filters for further cost reduction.

Flexibility and convenient operation are bolstered by comprehensive system control capabilities. As many as a dozen custom protocols (including a bonus reverse process) can be defined by the user via the intuitive touchscreen interface. With these controls, complete processing schedules can be obtained, which allow processes to be paused, aborted, or revised at any step in the procedure. Cycle reports can also be quickly exported for storage or printing, making data management practical and efficient. Accuracy in specimen processing is maintained thanks to novel “bubbling” technology, which optimizes the exchange ratios of fluids and tissues so that samples are processed thoroughly without being overstressed. Constant monitoring of chamber fill levels and processing cycles optimizes the availability of reagents and catalogues contamination for quality assurance.

This floor model unit has a cassette capacity of up to 350, and includes 10 solvent processing stations. System volume is 2.5 L to 3.0 L, and bubbling rate can be adjusted between “off”, 15 minute, 20 minute, or 30 minute intervals. Dimension for this unit are 53” (H) x 21” (W) x 24” (D).

Triangle Biomedical Sciences - ATP-120
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