Protein Chip System, Series 4000

General Description

The Ciphergen ProteinChip Series 4000 system is a proteomics instrument designed for protein and peptide analysis. This platform utilizes Surface Enhanced Laser Desorption/Ionization (SELDI) technology for high performance biomarker discovery to assay processes. Despite its powerful processing capabilities, the unit is small enough to fit on a benchtop and offers the utmost in efficiency and ergonomics. It is highly sensitive, and provides superior range and reproducibility for discovery and biomarker assays all within a single versatile instrument.

In the spectrum of laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometers, the Series 4000 is unparalleled. It is uniquely configured for sensitivity in the high mass range, enabling detection of proteins larger than 100 kDa. For optimal detection of low signals, the novel conical ion source shape (CISS) technology of the system ushers desorbed proteins and peptides to the detector. Total desorption of the sample is ensured via Synchronized Optical Laser Extraction (SOLE) which completely covers the ProteinChip Array spot. In order to minimize noise reduction and eliminate detector saturation due to off scale signals, the system is equipped with a detector blanking mechanism. Additionally, an innovative flight tube enhances sensitivity by reducing the loss of ions travelling to the detector. For maintaining high resolution identification maps, the platform relies on focused ion optics.

Reproducibility is another important characteristic of the ProteinChip Series 4000, with automated detector gain calibration, laser energy metering, and mass accuracy all managed for optimum consistency in results. When coupled with robotic liquid handling platforms, sample preparation is regulated to further enhance accuracy and reproducible results. For dealing with the vast range of concentrations for many proteins (e.g. proteins in serum analysis, which can have a concentration range larger than ten orders of magnitude), the system provides dynamic range analysis capability. With advanced electronics, the protein detection range is maximized to the extent that the only limit in detection is chemical phenomena. When used in conjunction with ProteinChip Arrays and pre-fractionation kits, the Series 4000 can quantify biomarkers in the attomole range and is a comprehensive solution for analyzing serums low protein concentrations.

With the ability to load 168 arrays simultaneously (12 samples per cassette at a 14 cassette capacity), the Enterprise Edition of this unit provides enhanced sampling power ideal for high throughput research environments. Sample loading is automated for convenience, and an incorporated barcode scanner assists with sample management. Integrated networking enables enhanced data sharing and storage as well as customized remote operation. For labs dealing in biomarker discovery and assay processes, the Ciphergen ProteinChip Series 4000 is invaluable.

Ciphergen - Protein Chip System, Series 4000
Manufactured July 2004.