General Description

The CUNO 12ZPC2 is a second generation sanitary filter housing tank of the Zeta Plus line. These tanks are ideally suited to use Zeta Plus Cartridges (ZPC) for the filtration of liquids. The instrument is designed to accommodate one to four of these cartridges, each of which can easily be changed. The housing system provides an enclosed system to not only eliminate loss of valuable products to leakage, but also to eliminate external contamination. The use of cartridges and an enclosed system give the ZPC an advantage over conventional plate and frame filters, as these often require the operator to sanitize filters more often. Minimizing contamination is also accomplished by a stainless steel exterior that reduces the growth of bacteria or particle adhesion. This tank provides all of this in with an efficient use of space, as only 32 sq ft are occupied for this 316 L tank.

Cuno - 12ZPC2
Cuno - 12ZPC2