2420 ELS Detector

General Description

A flow-through evaporative light scattering detector, used for chromophore-free detection in HPLC applications.

- Designed for a broad range of biomolecules, including hydrocarbons, polysaccharides, lipids, oils, and oligomers
- Can be operated as part of an Alliance system, or with a mass spectrometer under control via Empower or MassLynx (or can operate as a separate module)
- Precise temperature control with heated nebulizer, drift tube, and optics bench
- Lamp normalization for reproducible results
- Simple maintenance with front mounted snap-in nebulizer

Waters - 2420 ELS Detector
Waters - 2420 ELS Detector
Waters - 2420 ELS Detector
Waters - 2420 ELS Detector