General Description

A hybrid MS/MS system consisting of a quadrapole and orthogonal time-of-flight analyzer.

- Used for characterization of compounds with applications in lead discovery, identification of impurities, and quantification/qualification
- Uses orthogonal time of flight to get simultaneous detection of ions across the full mass range
- More sensitive than tandem quadrapole instruments when acquiring full product ion mass spectra
- Operates in both MS and MS/MS modes

- Mass Range: Up to 20000 Da for MS, 4000 Da for MS/MS
- Resolving Power: 10,000 FWHM (measured at the (M+6H)6+ ion from bovine insulin Rmm 5729.601)
- Mass Accuracy: ~5 ppm at 1000 Da
- Acquisition Rate: OA-TOF Pulse Repetition Rate: Variable up to 30,000 pulses/sec, Spectrum Over Range 100-1000 m/z: Up to 4 spectra/sec for continuum(profile) spectra at 3.6GHz digitization rate

Micromass - Q-TOF-2
Has computer inside unit as shown in other picture.