ARS 100 System

General Description

The Groton Biosystems ARS 100 is an automated reactor sampling system. This module can be integrated with HPLC systems, cell counters, nutrient monitors, and fraction collectors for analysis of samples that have been extracted and forwarded. When incorporated with HPLC systems, this platform can synchronize operations with instruments such as purifications columns and reactors to coordinate the timing of sample sequences to accommodate the process protocol. The ARS 100 offers a sterile connection between the bioreactor or fermenter and the HPLC system by automatically cleaning and preparing the transfer line for the sample so that all functions of acquisition, transfer, assay, or storage are performed free of contamination.

For optimal efficiency and convenience, the system utilizes method development software to establish a sequence of procedures that can be set for a matter of hours or up to a duration of multiple weeks. Temperature is regulated between a range of 4 C and 37 C, and samples drawn from a single reactor can be delivered to as many as four different analytical instruments. For analysis and management of results, the ARS 100 provides acquired data for investigation and logs the data. This instrument is ideal for applications such as real time monitoring or cell culture or fermentation processes.

Groton Biosystems - ARS 100 System