Precision XS

General Description

The Precision XS by Biotek Instruments is an automated liquid handler and microplate sample processor. This compact system incorporates a single channel processing head as well an eight channel pipetting head and an eight channel bulk reagent dispenser (PRC3841M model, only) for optimal versatility. The unit features a six station working platform (which can conveniently be removed for cleaning and maintenance) and can accommodate microplates in any format from 6 to 384 wells as well as test tubes of 100 mm or less. For dispensing with the syringe pump, the system offers a volumetric range of 10 ul to 10 mL for the eight channel head and 5 ul to 10 mL for the single channel. For pipetting, these dispensers have ranges of 5 ul to 120 ul and 5 ul to 200 ul, respectively. Both bulk dispensing and pipetting provide an accuracy of +/- 1% at 100 ul and a precision of ≤ 1.5% CV at 100 ul. User-friendly Precision Power Software allows for simple programming of the unit to maximize walk away automation.

Biotek Instruments - Precision XS
Biotek Instruments - Precision XS
- Single-channel configuration
Biotek Instruments - Precision XS
Price: $2,500