General Description

A high performance gel documentation and image analysis system used to document, archive, and analyze gels, films, membranes, and plates.

- Comprised of a benchtop light-tight cabinet, transilluminator, and scientific grade CCD camera system
- Can visualize gels, membranes, and blots up to 21 x 26 cm with multiple transillumination wavelengths
- Provides real time image readout capability and both digital and high-resolution print output
- The cabinet features both trans- and epi-illumination with visible or UV light
- Uses automatic filter wheel to hold filters for imaging of ethidium bromide, SYBR Green, fluorescein, SYBR gold, SYBR Ruby, Texas Red, and other fluorescent probes

Alpha Innotech - 2.1.1
- Includes computer/monitor system
- SP402-115 power supply, transilluminator inside cabinet