VK 7000

General Description

A automated and flexible 8-flask apparatus designed for the dissolution testing of a variety of pharmaceutical compounds, including tablets, capsules, transdermal patches, and membranes.

- Configurable as USP apparatus 1, 2, 5, or 6, meets all current USP, JP and EP requirements

- Microprocessor control for easy manual sampling
- Front panel provides information on spindle speed, elapsed time, water bath temperature, and more
- Programmable Parameters: spindle speed, test length, vessel temperature, test start times

Varian - VK 7000
With Computer, VK 8000,VK 750D and VK 810
Varian - VK 7000
With Computer, VK8000 and VK750D
Varian - VK 7000
Comes with VK750D
Varian - VK 7000
Comes with VK750D and various accessories - see photographs
Varian - VK 7000
- Includes VK750D heater/circulator
Varian - VK 7000
Comes with VK750D and various accessories. Please see associated photographs.
Varian - VK 7000
Includes VK 750D heater circulator, eight glass vessels, eight EaseAlign Centering Rings, eight vessel evaporation covers, eight hinged low loss evaporation covers, one bath temperature probe and manual.
Varian - VK 7000
- Dissolution testing system includes VK 750D monitor, set of 8 dissolution vessels, manuals, and accessories
Varian - VK 7000
Price: $2,500