Isothermal V5000B

General Description

Custom Biogenic Systems Isotherm V5000B large liquid nitrogen vapor storage system. Enables users to store more biological materials at liquid-nitrogen temperature. Provides storage temperature in the -190 degrees C range. Features a digital auto–fill/monitoring control for efficient and safe operation. Exterior dimensions of 47” diameter x 52” deep. Blood bag capacity (50 ml) of 1,936 or vial capacity (2ml) of 40,300. Unit cost over $23,000 new.

Custom Biogenic Systems - Isothermal V5000B
- Dimensions: 1219 W x 1371 D x 1320 H (mm)
- Interior Diameter: 1016 mm
- Static Evaporation: 11 L/day
Custom Biogenic Systems C.B.S - Isothermal V5000B