API 3000

General Description

A triple quadrupole laboratory benchtop MS system. Used for characterization of compounds with applications in lead discovery, identification of impurities, and quantification/qualification
- Ion optics and pumping technology allow low limits of detection and quantiation, even on difficult matrices
- LINAC collision cell technology for fast scan times and simultaneous multiple component analysis- Robust ion sources and Curtain Gas interface- Control with PC-based software allows for automation, rapid analysis, and post-processing- Information Dependent Acquisition enables unattended, automated MS to MS/MS acquisition

-Mass Range: 5 to 3000 m/z

Applied Biosystems - API 3000
This item does not work, missing several critical inside components. API 3000 triple quad mass spec with turbo ion spray and Ionics HSID add-on. Includes cart, 2 power sources and 1 DS302 vacuum pump and 1 DS602 vacuum pump.

Missing: Main power supply V551 turbo pump and v551 controller Ion gauge and Ion gauge holder Ion detector/Ion detector feed through/Ion detector signal handling board/safety cover for board Interface curtain plate and cone Source exhaust assembly and tubing
Applied Biosystems - API 3000
API 3000 triple quad Mass Spec with Turbo Ionspray, computer with Analyst 1.4 and Chemstation 8.10 loaded onto it, monitor, 2 Varian DS302 pumps and table. Source info: Model TYPTW 250S, Source s/n 422970704, assy no: 014368.
Applied Biosystems - API 3000