Plate readers, also known as microplate readers, are lab instruments that allow researchers to detect physical, chemical or biological changes within samples on a multi-well plate.  The instruments use light to measure absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence, and are available in single and multi-mode models.

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Plate Readers Video At BioSurplus

In this video, which we’ve produced to help you make informed buying decisions, BioSurplus’ Antonio Johnson discusses the different types of plate readers available as well as the factors to consider when choosing a make and model.

We’ve also posted an in-depth article that covers the differences between plate readers and spectrophotometers and features a chart reviewing the applications and advantages of the various detection modes.

At BioSurplus we acquire all our plate readers from working labs.  Every piece is tested before it’s placed in inventory, and is then is tested again before we ship it to you.  Our inventory is constantly being updated with high quality plate readers from manufacturers such as BMG Lab Tech, Perkin Elmer, Molecular Devices, Thermo Scientific and more.

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See below for a transcription of the video:

“Plate readers are used in a laboratory to detect physical, chemical or biological changes within a sample.  This is usually measured on multi-well plate, typically a 96 well plate and it does so via measurement of light. 

When buying a used plate reader you do want to consider a few things, but the biggest factor you want to consider is what type of detection mode it uses.  A lot of the plate readers we have in stock can actually handle a variety of detection modes, absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence and you want to make sure the one it has works for the applications you want to use it for. 

The more popular plate readers that BioSurplus carries, we have BMG Lab Tech, Perkin Elmer, Molecular Devices, as well as Thermo Scientific.  When purchasing a used plate reader from BioSurplus you can rest assured that we made sure the instrument was working when we acquired it, that we tested on the way in and we’re testing it before it gets out to our customers, so it has the BioSurplus stamp on it.”

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