A PCR machine is used to amplify a single copy of DNA.  Also known as thermal cyclers or thermocyclers, PCR machines are used for sequencing, cloning, genotyping and expression analysis.  They are able to generate millions of DNA copies in a short period of time, generally around two hours.

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In order to help you make an informed decision when purchasing at BioSurplus, we’ve produced a series of short videos and accompanying in-depth articles about our most popular categories of lab instruments.

In this video, sales team member Zack Prag reviews the two main types of PCR technology:  standard PCR and real-time PCR.  He goes on to explain the advantages of the newer, real-time technology.

You will also find a more detailed explanation in our written article, along with spec charts and comparisons of the two types of machine.

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See below for a transcription of the video:

There’s two different types of PCR machine.  There’s the standard thermocycler and there’s real time PCR or quantitative PCR. 

Real time PCR is the newer generation of PCR machines, although the standard PCR machines still have their place in the laboratory setting, real time PCR is superior in every way.  It allows you to quantify your samples in real time.  It allows you to measure at very low sensitivities and it doesn’t require you to purify your sample after the fact. 

The instrument considerations when choosing a thermocycler are the lock type, reaction speed and the throughput.  BioSurplus carries many different PCR machine manufacturers such as (Eppendorf), Biorad, Life Technologies and many more.

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