The Agilent 1100 is one of the most popular HPLC systems.  Although nearly identical to its newer counterpart, the Agilent 1200, their average price on the used market is lower, making them an efficient and lower-cost option for many labs.

The Agilent 1100 is also considered by many researchers to be one of the easiest systems to use, and allows for many of the same analyses as more expensive models.

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Agilent 1100 HPLCs At BioSurplus

If you’re in the market for a used HPLC system, we encourage you to watch our new video on the Agilent 1100, and read the accompanying article for further information.

We produced the video and article as part of an informational series on our most popular lab equipment categories.  They’re designed to help you make informed decisions when buying used equipment for your lab.

In the video, BioSurplus Sr. Vice President and HPLC expert Fred Hill reviews the basics of the Agilent 1100, and the advantages of buying a used system.

All Agilent 1100s in stock at BioSurplus are acquired from working labs, and come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  The HPLC systems we sell are checked out by our quality control team before they are put into stock, and again upon purchase, ensuring that all equipment is shipped in proper working order.

Click here to watch the video and read the article on the Agilent 1100 HPLC.

See below for a transcript of the video:

“An Agilent 1100 HLPC is a high pressure liquid chromatography system, it’s used to separate analytes and basically it has two mobile phases and whatever you inject into it and then it separates the analytes based upon hydrophobic interactions on an HPLC column.

It consists of a number of different pieces and the pieces can vary substantially depending on what kind of setup and what kind of analytes that you are actually analyzing. 

Agilent 1100s are very popular models and because they are a little bit older than the Agilent 1200s their price points are a little bit less and so even though they are almost identical to the Agilent 1200s, which is the current model, the Agilent 1100 can get you better value for the same kind of analysis. 

Agilent 1100s are the most favored and considered by some in the industry as the easiest to use systems. Our Agilent 1100s generally come from labs that have had financial difficulties, which means that the actual machinery that we get from those labs is in great condition. 

BioSurplus also has a QC team that analyzes these instruments to make sure that they are working and in proper condition.  Then once again, once we sell the instrument, we do a final check as it goes out the door to make sure that the customer receives a properly working instrument on their end.”