At BioSurplus, our business is focused on finding ways to help customers buy and sell used lab equipment, which helps all of us create a more environmentally sustainable industry and future. There are times though, when items are not suitable for resale (no longer supported by manufacturer, broken, too old, etc.) or clients need assistance with removal of hazardous materials that we are not able assist with. When that happens, we turn to partners like Veolia.

Veolia designs and provides waste, water and energy management solutions that contribute to sustainable communities and industries.

“We can recycle items BioSurplus can’t resell or recycle for clients,” said Ryan Wischnack, Veolia Account Manager. “We provide them with turn-key recycling, disposal, transportation and decontamination services.”

Veolia owns and operates 43 facilities in North America including four recycling facilities, four fuel blending and solvent reclamation facilities, and three incinerators. Its tailored programs ensure safety, regulatory compliance and sustainability goals are achieved.

“It’s great to partner with industry leaders like Veolia. Many of our customers are environmentally conscious and seek guidance on how their surplus should be handled,” said Hitomi Taguchi, BioSurplus Business Development Account Manager. “We are grateful for Veolia’s services that allow us to assure our customers that their assets are professionally and reliably taken care of.”

The company offers two solvent reclamation programs: one that accepts used solvents from customers, returns the solvents to predetermined specs and sends the solvent to customers to use again, and another program that accepts solvents from customers and reclaims the solvents to Veolia specifications, then sending the clean solvents to third parties to use.

“Our goal is to protect our natural resources for future generations,” adds Wischnack. “We manage 750K tons of hazardous waste and processed more than 300K tons of waste for reuse.”

Veolia also provides 24/7 Emergency Response for clients with no costs for signing up and no commitment to use the service.

Wischnack advises companies to “plan ahead and dedicate time and energy to your environmental program. Doing this is critical to ensuring that hazardous waste is properly managed and our environment is protected.”