Customers know they can rely on BioSurplus to manage the process of purchasing, selling and repurposing lab equipment. When it’s time to upgrade or otherwise dispose of sensitive IT assets, customers can rely on Avritek, one of BioSurplus’ trusted partners for IT equipment needs.

“We help companies safely dispose of their excess or unwanted IT equipment,” said Ed Pletner, Avritek Founder and CEO. “We ensure that no data is compromised and through our asset recovery and reselling services, we maximize customers’ return on investment.”

When disposing of unwanted IT equipment, every organization has to ensure that no company or customer data is compromised. Avritek securely recycles electronics and electronic components, removes IT equipment and assets, ensures industry-standard data destruction, and will sell your IT equipment for you to their extensive network of buyers. Avritek repairs and refurbishes equipment, then tests and packages components to ensure the quality and safe delivery to buyers.

“We are grateful to have Avritek as our point of contact for our clients’ IT service needs,” said Hitomi Taguchi, BioSurplus Business Development Account Manager. “Together we provide our customers with proven asset management and liquidation expertise for both lab and IT equipment.”

Companies concerned about data privacy or loss can rest easy due to Avritek’s certified data destruction and recycling services including R2, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and NAID AAA certifications.

As with lab equipment, smart companies diligently log and track their IT assets. Pletner recommends that, “companies maintain an asset repository or use software like ServiceNow to keep an updated inventory of assets, and if you use a service provider, make sure that provider has been certified by an independent third party.”