St. Paddys Day Winner
BioSurplus’ Kevin Burke with the winner of the VistaVision Microscope, Celina Chang – Associate Director at LabCentral

We would first like to thank all of our customers who were able to make it out to our St. Patrick’s Day Open House this year. Unfortunately, our raffle can only have one winner. Our lucky winner of the VWR VistaVision microscope raffle went to Celina Chang, Associate Director of Laboratory Operations at LabCentral, and we are ecstatic to see the microscope go somewhere it will have the opportunity to impact many varying types of research!

LabCentral’s mission is to help furnish the next generation of biotech companies by providing innovators and entrepreneurs with the start-up space and resources required to get off the ground. Incubator spaces, as they are called, are becoming more and more prominent in the life sciences industry for many reasons. These spaces for innovation allow start-ups that are in their infancy stage to conduct their research and grow their company organically, all for a fraction of the price and risk a ‘normal’ start-up may encounter.

Boasting 28,000 square-feet in facility space, this innovation hub houses their shared laboratory space in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Massachusetts is one of the leading hot-spots for life science innovation and LabCentral is hoping to pave a better way for life-science start-ups. LabCentral recently celebrated the Grand Opening of their facility on April 2nd and they hope to fill the lab-space that can house as many as 25 start-ups comprising about 100 scientists and entrepreneurs in the near future. There isn’t much doubt that they will be able to achieve this with strategic collaborations and support from life-science powerhouses such as Johnson&Johnson Innovation and the Massachusetts Life Science Center.

BioSurplus congratulates Ms. Celina Chang on channeling her ‘Luck of the Irish’ and winning the microscope giveaway. We wish her the best of luck with LabCentral and would like to thank her and the organization for their participation!

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