“Trust or the lack of it, is at the root of success or failure in relationships and in the bottom-line results of business.” – Stephen Covey

There’s no denying it. Trust is a factor in business transactions, particularly in the online buying and selling of goods that is common today. In traditional business relationships, trust is developed over time and experience. In the online world, deals are often struck between parties that have no previous experience and no relationship. This lack of a relationship and trust can cause undue (and unnecessary) anxiety, doubt and stress.

In the world of used lab equipment, from the buyer’s perspective, there is something of a leap of trust that the seller is being honest about the condition of the equipment, that the price is a fair price, and that the equipment will arrive on time.

From the seller’s side, they need to put together detailed descriptions, specifications and visual information of their used lab equipment to attract buyers and answer specific questions to earn the buyer’s interest and trust. The seller also has to trust that the buyer will pay the price in full by its due date.

Rather than being simply a transaction platform like eBay, BioSurplus manages the relationship between buyers and sellers and ensures a level of trust by assuring that everyone is treated respectfully and fairly.

“We manage all of the transactional details for both buyers and sellers,” said Hitomi Taguchi, BioSurplus Business Development Account Manager. “We’re the lubricant. We ensure there are no issues with the sale or purchase of equipment by taking great care of our customers.”

For sellers, BioSurplus makes it easy by handling everything from marketing the equipment to its network of potential buyers, managing all of the transportation and logistics, ensuring the working condition of equipment and communicating any other necessary details. BioSurplus can also tailor the sale model to meet the seller’s needs, whether that is a fast turnaround time or the greatest return on the sale.

For buyers, BioSurplus provides assurance that the equipment they buy is competitively priced and in good working condition (including any necessary software licensing, etc.), is compatible regardless of where it’s delivered worldwide, and is delivered on time. Buyers also receive a 30-day guarantee on purchases.

“Buyers and sellers don’t have to have a history or relationships. As long as they work with us, they can trust us to make sure all of the details will be handled in a professional way,” said Jim Hower, BioSurplus Director of Sales. “And if we don’t currently have specific equipment in inventory, we can source it for customers through our extensive network.”