Unforeseen equipment failure can easily set research back by days, weeks, months or even years. Last year, autism research felt this very pain when a freezer malfunction in combination with a faulty temperature gauge in a hospital laboratory accidentally destroyed samples. Housing the world’s largest bank of autism brain samples, scientists said the loss could not be expressed in dollars because the collection was “priceless”.

PRICELESS – Yes, it is impossible to put a price on lost time or lost research; yet lab managers, and the like, must put a price on equipment replacement. A regular Preventive Maintenance (PM) program strongly mitigates part failures and reduces overall maintenance costs by an industry average of 25 percent – Saving an average midsized life science organization $20 million annually! (Dick Auger, Lab Manager Magazine) For laboratories, R&D buildings, and other life science facilities requiring 100 percent uptime with minimum risk of failure, the clear answer is regular Preventive Maintenance.


From left: Ernie Bejarano, BioSurplus; Jim Wagner, Eagleson Institute; Jamie Jones, BioSurplus; Tam Nguyen, BioSurplus; David Abuan, BioSurplus; Rob Lopez, BioSurplus.

Extended Preventive Maintenance Coverage

At BioSurplus, we have found that most labs are best served by avoiding expensive warranty-type service contracts that build worst-case outcomes into pricing even though those outcomes are rarely experienced. As a more cost effective alternative, we propose a system of Extended PM Coverage in which Preventive Maintenance is conducted at manufacturer recommended intervals and paired with discounted blocks of labor to provide full coverage for your equipment at affordable rates.


Preventive Maintenance for Optimal Performance

Reviewing data at biosafety cabinet training session, BioSurplus, June 2012.

Engaging in a routine program for maintaining sensitive laboratory instruments is key when reliable results and 100 percent up-time is required. Much like oil changes and checkups help to keep your vehicle running, regular preventive maintenance can help eliminate catastrophic failures that can eventually lead to lost or inconsistent data points.

– Ensure the quality of your results
– Enable traceability via visit records
– Extend the life of your system
– Controlled and predictable maintenance costs
– Increase Lab ROI
– Maximize productivity and efficiency by minimizing instrument downtime and repair costs

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