SLAS 2014 LogoBioSurplus welcomes The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening to San Diego for it’s 3rd annual SLAS conference & exhibition. The SLAS is an international group who advocates leveraging technology for scientific advancement and we are very excited to have such a large grouping of engineers, scientists, technologists and lab automation professionals in our very own backyard!  This annual conference brings together the leading voices within this industry to premier and discuss the latest technological advancements enabled by new laboratory technologies. These pioneers are constantly developing novel means of automating laboratory operations to help streamline the timeline from concept to product. If you are unfamiliar with the scope of laboratory automation and how it is frequently applied, such practices are utilized in the following applications with new developments evolving everyday!

  • Drug discovery
  • Assay development and screening
  • Laboratory automation and high-throughput technologies
  • Micro-nano technologies
  • Molecular diagnostics and biomarkers
  • Scientific informatics
  • Bioanalytical techniques
  • Drug target biology

If you’re in town for the conference, or just interested in automating your lab processes, come in to our San Diego Showroom and take a look at some of our automation systems we currently have in our warehouse! This is a great opportunity to physically inspect what you may typically experience online.

For more information, contact Senior Sales Director, Mike Giesemann — #: 858-412-7156

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