When Decipher Biosciences was preparing for its move to a new building, it found several pieces of lab equipment that they no longer needed. The equipment still had value so they decided to sell them rather than take on the cost of moving the equipment to the new space.

Decipher Biosciences uses genomic information to transform and improve cancer patient care. Its technology delivers accurate test results to determine the unique nature of each patient’s bladder or prostate cancer, which leads to individualized treatment plans for patients based on the unique biology of their tumor.

“We reached out to BioSurplus to have them sell the equipment we no longer use,” said Jeremy Adams, Manager, Project Management & Software Development. “Each interaction with BioSurplus has been great, and we appreciate the attention to detail and customer service they provide.”

Decipher Biosciences has partnered with BioSurplus to sell its unused lab equipment, both through consignment and direct payment pathways.

“From our end, it was painless,” adds Adams. “We provided a list of equipment that we wanted to sell, coordinated a time for pickup, and BioSurplus handled the rest. The company’s customer service is top-tier.”

Selling its unwanted lab equipment not only freed up lab space and made the move easier; the sale of the equipment also generated revenue for the company.