nightseaDid you know that you can get more value from your stereo/dissecting microscope by adding economical fluorescence capability? There are two primary aspects to fluorescence: excitation and emission. In high end systems, these are dealt with by light sources and barrier filters that are integrated with the optics on a system-specific basis to produce powerful imaging capability. Many applications require the level of performance these provide, but there are lots of routine fluorescence tasks for which these high-end systems are massive overkill, such as screening or sorting transgenics, pre-screening samples for confocal microscopy, fluorescence-aided injection or dissection, and education/outreach. At a greatly reduced cost, users can add excitation and emission to existing stereo (dissecting) microscopes with light sources and filters that are external to the microscope rather than integrated with the optics. The NIGHTSEA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter is an example of an economical system like this, and it fits on virtually all stereo microscopes, regardless of manufacturer or model. Check out NIGHTSEA for more information, and browse BioSurplus’ inventory of microscopes here.