BioSurplus has always made a concerted effort to positively impact the communities where we do business and are mindful of our impact on the world. With that in mind, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

By the nature of what we do, we are natural recyclers. An important part of our business is searching and acquiring pre-owned and surplus laboratory equipment. Then, we sell these to new programs looking for affordable and specific instrumentation. Without this type of effort, most lab equipment does not see the end of its useful life. Before BioSurplus, it was too difficult for scientists to buy or sell these hard-to-find instruments. As a result, many valuable items either ended up in closets, storage facilities or landfills.

Whether it is spreading the knowledge of the Impact of Energy on Climate Change or educating others on efforts to lower your lab’s carbon footprint (see: Harvard’s Shut The Sash Program), BioSurplus is extremely supportive in the “Green Movement”.  How do you work to reduce your carbon footprint? We always love hearing how people are systematically doing things to reduce their impact on the environment. We all have a piece of responsibility to take on as far as our impact on the planet. What will you do to help?


Earth Day 2014