Ecotarium Earth Festival

BSI Earth Week Logo
As a pre-owned equipment vendor, sustainability and green practices are integral to BioSurplus. Therefore, we encourage everyone to participate in any Earth Day events or otherwise acknowledge awareness of human’s impact on the environment. Although the various “March for Science” events will occupy many scientists’ weekends, here are some family-friendly alternatives in the three major biotech hubs.

Bay Area Earth Eay

Bay Area Earth Day 2017

The Bay Area Earth Day organization consolidated all Bay Area events into one resource page so you can easily find an event in your neighborhood. From Santa Rosa to Palo Alto, it will be hard not to find a way to get involved.


San Diego EarthWorks

If you’re in the San Diego area, join the annual EarthFair in Balboa Park for great food, fun arts and crafts shows, entertaining performances, and over 300 exhibition booths. Just be sure to get there early to nab all the excitement (and parking!) you can.

Ecotarium Earth Festival

Ecotarium Earth Day Celebration

The Ecotarium, just an hour outside of Boston,  has a full day of activities and exhibitions on Friday, April 21st. Learn all about plants in-between browsing the farmer’s market and watching live entertainment for a busy, fun-packed day!

Earth Day Sustainability Reception

As for BioSurplus, we are sponsoring an Earth Day Sustainability Reception with Biocom at the Farmer and Seahorse restaurant in San Diego. Register today for discussions with industry experts on green practices and sustainable initiatives.

If you would like to host an event of your own, check out this webinar from Earth Day Network on how to create and market a successful Earth Day event: