Great deal on a complete Varian 300 MHz NMR – now $44,950 until Dec. 20th, 2011! Over $250,000 new.

Welcome to the latest edition of BioSurplus TV!

The system includes a NMR Unity Inova console and Host Sun workstation, with three secure anti-vibrational legs. The Unity Inova NMR Spectrometer has been designed for liquids as well as solid and microimaging applications. It has been professionally de-energized, carefully packaged and crated and is ready to go. It can be configured to four full rf channels, four waveform generator modules, pulsed field gradient, full solid state NMR capabilities, imaging, microimaging as well as Ultra NMR shims.

This is a full system which consists of a 1H/19F/13C/31F probe, magnet shim, charging and shorting probes, Helium baffle (residing inside the magnet), sample bore tube, transfer lines for liquid nitrogen and liquid helium, liquid nitrogen dipstick, RF preamplifier & tune interface, CSI Interface box and an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS). In addition to this, accessories such as gas bottle regulators, compressed air manifold for pneumatic controls, a tool box containing special hardware and helpful bits. A full reference library and VNMR 6.1 Rev.C software complements the system we have to offer.

This system is priced at $44,950.00 until Dec 20th, 2011, after which it goes back to its regular price of $74,995.00

Watch the video to find out more.  Click here for full system information and description.

We also offer installation for an additional cost.