Lab closures are never easy. Companies often lack the time, facilities, and resources necessary to market and sell their assets effectively while meeting stressful deadlines. In these unfortunate situations, it’s best for organizations to find a painless, turnkey solution to deal with their remaining assets. BioSurplus, Inc. provides that solution by offering industry-leading liquidation auction services such as hassle-free project planning, inventory management, marketing, sales, and logistical support.

Recently, BioSurplus repurposed more than 3,000 individual items on behalf of Dart NeuroScience in two online auctions. The liquidation event was successful in taking high-quality research equipment from a state-of-the-art facility and putting it in the hands of scientists while getting the best possible result for the client.

“We were happy to maximize the return for Dart,” says BioSurplus President & CEO, Bill VanDeWeghe. “At BioSurplus, we strive to meet the needs of our clients while serving the larger scientific community.”

Through auction events, high-quality equipment and consumables that ordinarily might be dumped in landfills are instead placed in the hands of the next generation of scientists. Additionally, top-notch logistics and support teams make the process as seamless as possible for auction participants.

BioSurplus Auction Manager, Adrian Vazquez, adds: “Scientists participating in our auction events have the opportunity to win quality lab equipment on a budget. It’s also a great way to keep lab assets in the industry.”

If you need to repurpose or liquidate a large amount of lab equipment, contact BioSurplus at Their team of scientists and business managers will develop a complete turnkey asset liquidation solution that will suit your specific needs.