BioSurplus is dedicated to supporting the Life Sciences by promoting STEM education for future generations of scientists. Recently, seven compound fluorescence microscopes were donated  to High Bluff Academy in Del Mar, California to be used in their classrooms.

Said Chemistry teacher Sarah Mishek: “BioSurplus has been an incredible asset in helping High Bluff Academy further the development of our STEM program. With the microscopes we received, High Bluff will be able to expand and improve our science curriculum to include a more wide-ranging scope of labs. This donation has greatly contributed to allowing us to teach science through interactive and experiential learning, which we hope will foster a greater love for the sciences and encourage our students to pursue a future in the STEM fields.”

Through this type of outreach, BioSurplus believes we can make a difference.  To learn how BioSurplus can help find the best equipment solution for your lab, contact us at or call 858-550-0800.