Beginning June 24th, BioSurplus will conduct a timed auction featuring over 300 lots of former research assets from laboratories in California (San Diego, Orange County, Hayward, South San Francisco), and the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington).

Items in this auction consist of biotech/biopharma research equipment, including pipettes, liquid handlers, centrifuges, HPLC systems and components, PCR thermal cyclers, mass spectrometeres, and more.

Most items are available at no reserve price. Please see our auction terms and conditions for more information. Auction runs until July 1st.

Key Assets Available in this Auction:LandingPageBanner-JuneWest

  • Biacore 2000 SPR Analyzer
  • Thermo Finnigan LTQ Mass Spectrometers/li>
  • Triangle Biomedical ATP-120 Tissue Embedder
  • Genetix QARRAY 2 Microarray Spotter
  • Sapidyne Instruments KinExA 3000 Kinetic Analyzers
  • TSI 3314 Ultraviolet Particle Sizer
  • Applied Biosystems SOLiD 4hq High Throughput Sequencer
  • Varian Mercury 300 MHz NMR System
  • Guava / Millipore Flow Cytometers
  • HPLC Systems and Components from Waters, Beckman, Jasco, Wyatt
  • Stainless Steel Process Equipment including Tanks, Mixers, Filtration
  • Microscopes from Olympus, VWR
  • Mass Spectrometers / LCMS from Thermo, TSI, Agilent
  • PCR Thermal Cyclers from MJ Research, Cepheid
  • Spectrophotometers / Plate Readers from Bio-Tek, Perkin Elmer, Tecan
  • Laboratory Automation Equipment from Thermo, Velocity11, Beckman Coulter, and More
  • Dispensers / Plate Washers from Thermo, Skatron, Bio-Tek
  • Centrifuges and Accessories from Sorvall, Beckman, Tomy
  • Consumables / Disposables – Pipette Tips, Filters, Cassettes, Process, and More
  • Electrophoresis Equipment from Bio-Rad, Fisher, Millipore, Life Technologies, and More
  • General Lab Equipment including Carts, Ring Stands, Stools, and More
  • Pipettes from Matrix, Labsystems
  • Laboratory Refrigerators / Freezers from Thermo, Norlake, Jewett

Item Viewing Availability

On-site viewings of equipment are available 9AM – 5PM on-site at BioSurplus San Diego.
Call for Auction Support for details – 866-236-4496 x222

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