BioSurplus sales team member Zack Prag and guest.
BioSurplus sales team member Zack Prag and guest.

The BIOCOM purchasing group is a great resource for its members, allowing them access to significant, volume-based savings on products and services used in the life sciences industry.  BioSurplus is a premier supplier and offers members a variety of discounts and services including:

•  Up to 7.5% annual credit or 3.5% annual cash rebate on equipment purchases
•  5% sellers premium on equipment sold to or through BioSurplus
•  5% discount on repair and maintenance services
•  10% discount on setup fees for e-QuipTM enabled services
•  30-day limited warranty on most purchased equipment

On July 26th, BIOCOM channeled the international spirit of the Olympic Games at its annual open house and supplier showcase.  The event was held in the courtyard at BIOCOM’s headquarters near UCSD, and the BioSurplus team was on hand to welcome guests and network with fellow suppliers and group members.  It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with everyone in a casual environment over some excellent food and drinks.

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