Ben Stein at the National University commencement, May 2012.
Ben Stein at the National University commencement, May 2012.

I always did want to win Ben Stein’s money.

And I’ll never forget the famous line “Bueller? …Bueller?”  …droned in that distinctive voice of his.

Well, I never got the chance to win his money, but I was definitely the beneficiary of his wisdom at this year’s National University Southern California commencement, held on May 14th at the San Diego Convention Center.

The BioSurplus team is actively involved in community life, and our CMO, Jackie Townsend, is no exception.  As Vice Chair of the National University Board of Trustees Jackie plays an important role assessing the institution’s goals and helping it to achieve them.

One of these goals is to make quality education accessible to all.  In his role as official commencement speaker, Ben Stein, in turn, provided some valuable insights to the new graduates about what to do with that education.

To sum his message up:  work hard and you will prosper.

After telling some very amusing stories about his varied experiences as a university professor, economist, presidential speechwriter and actor, Stein proceeded to lay out his advice to the graduates in bullet form.

With a preface of “life is not perfect,” and an exhortation to “work, work, work,” the following are Ben Stein’s recommendations for a successful life:

Believe in a higher power.

Feelings are not facts.

Maintain a great appreciation for your parents and loved ones – show them gratitude.

Show a great respect for work.

Find good friends.

Stick to your beliefs.

Don’t hang around with difficult people and think that you can change them.

No drinking or drugs.

Be grateful to be an American.


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