Dr. Eric Topol
Dr. Eric Topol

AT&T announced this month that it has hired Dr. Eric Topol as its chief medical advisor.  Dr. Topol, a renowned cardiologist, geneticist and mobile healthcare expert, is currently the chief academic officer at Scripps Health in La Jolla, and the director of their Translational Science Institute.  He will continue in his current roles at Scripps while at AT&T.

Dr. Topol spent the majority of his career at the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the chief academic officer until 2006.  He is a major proponent of incorporating genomics and wireless sensor technology into the treatment and prevention of disease.  His latest book, The Creative Destruction Of Medicine, delves into the wide variety of new technologies and medical devices that are driving the move towards truly individualized medicine.

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Topol was also instrumental in the founding of the West Wireless Health Institute in 2009, whose stated purpose at the time was to advance global health through the use of remote wireless sensor technology.  He left the organization, where he served as vice-chairman, in 2012 when the institute shifted away from an exclusive focus on wireless technology.

Dr. Topol will assist AT&T in the rollout of its healthcare industry program, focusing on emerging devices and services, and helping to drive their adoption in the marketplace.

AT&T offers a variety of mobile healthcare-focused products and services.  Among them is a platform on which developers can create mobile health applications, a “telehealth” platform that uses video and audio conferencing technology to enable virtual doctor visits, and a secure, cloud-based medical image archive for physicians.

“With connected devices, the flow of health and medical information is going through a radical change, which puts patients in an exceptionally powerful and important position.,” said Dr. Topol.  “I’m honored to work with AT&T as we seek to develop new solutions that will change the trajectory of digital health and impact patient outcomes.”

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