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BioSurplus advances your science by putting the best available scientific instruments in the hands of scientists. Your equipment shouldn’t be a barrier to your work, but rather an engine that drives research forward. At BioSurplus, we provide valuable, quality equipment at attractive prices to help power research and innovation. Whether you need one key piece of equipment, equipment for an entire lab, or need to repurpose or monetize current assets, the team of scientists at BioSurplus will provide you with the most effective solutions. We’re dedicated to working together as part of our scientific community to buy, sell, repurpose or remarket used lab equipment.

Advancing Science with Our Partners

BioSurplus is the preferred equipment supplier for many Life Science organizations nationally. To learn more about our partners and how you can become a member, click here.

Labs Not Landfills

The Restart Science program works with the life sciences community to maintain and extend the capabilities of their scientific research equipment through landfill avoidance. BioSurplus aims to keep equipment in the hands of scientists, not in storage or the trash. When laboratory equipment is no longer cutting edge, BioSurplus assigns that equipment to our Restart Science program. We give back to our community by providing equipment for learning opportunities for K-12 schools or donating them to groups who want to learn more about science.

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