Used Zeiss Axio Imager A2 Upright Trinocular Microscope

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The Zeiss Axio Imager 2 for life science research is your upright research microscope for advanced imaging. The Axio Imager 2 combines brilliant optics and bright fluorescence. The contrast manager and light manager ensure defined conditions and reproducible results at all times. Six different stand versions are available.

  • Encoding: read-out magnification, illumination and contrast settings, and transfer to ZEN Imaging software.
  • Motorization: for reproducible component settings and automated processes.
  • Features:
    • Excellent optics and homogeneous illumination in both transmitted light and fluorescence applications.
    • Smart control concept for ergonomic working conditions and multi-user operation with the option of control via optional TFT technology.
  • Objective Lenses: High-performance objectives especially for high magnifications, for both fixed and live cell imaging applications.
    • EC Plan-NEOFLUAR universal objectives. The consistent stray light minimization results in a definite contrast enhancement, which is critical in all microscopic techniques.
    • Plan-APOCHROMAT objectives convince through their outstanding point spread function and their unparalleled planar and chromatic correction.
    • αPlan-APOCHROMAT objectives 100x/1.46 Oil and 100x/1.57 HI Oil provide maximum resolution in fluorescence and transmitted light DIC techniques because of their high numerical apertures.
    • LCI Plan-NEOFLUAR objectives 25x/0.8 and 63x/1.3 lmm. korr. were conceived for live cell imaging techniques and calibrated for specific temperature intervals as well as immersion media from water to glycerine.
  • Performance: The Axio Imager 2 is designed as your platform for an impressive amount of applications in cell biology and neuroscience. The Axio Imager M2p platform is specifically designed for molecular genetics and pathology. The motorized reflector turret accommodates either 6 or 10 push and click filter modules. Auto-configure all motorized components with Smart Setup of the ZEN imaging software. Acquire fluorescence images with an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The fluorescence beam path and high efficiency fluorescence filter sets deliver exposure times that are up to 50 percent shorter.
  • Ease of Use: Use your motorized Axio Imager 2 with equipment tailored precisely to your needs and upgrade your system easily at any time. The smart automated contrast settings let you work quickly and efficiently. The motorized aperture and luminous field diaphragm and light intensity are automatically adjusted. Achieve reproducible results and control all components via optional TFT monitor.
  • Applications: Cell biology, neuroscience, molecular genetics, pathology.

Item-Specific Notes:

  • Zeiss Axio Imager A2
  • Trinocular w/ Camera Ports
  • Eyepieces: (2)x W-PI 10x/23
  • Illumination:
    • Brightfield
    • Fluorescence
      • Illuminator (Choose One)
        • 100w Mercury w/ Power Supply
        • Upgrade to: Used Metal Halide
        • Upgrade to: New X-Cite 110LED System with Adapter X-Cite 110LED, speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
        • Upgrade to: New X-Cite mini + System Includes: LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote Includes: – LED head, miniCUBE controller, speedDIAL remote, – Microscope Coupling Flange
        • Upgrade to: New X-Cite XYLIS, XT720S w/1.5m LLG, adaptor Includes: – X-Cite XYLIS (XT720S), speedDIAL remote, 3mm x 1500mm Liquid Light Guide
      • Phase Contrast
      • Filters (Additional Configurations Available)
        • DAPI
        • FITC
        • CY5
  • Objectives (Additional Configurations Available):
    • N-Achroplan 5x/.15
    • EC Plan Neofluar 10x/.3 Ph1
    • EC Plan Neofluor 20x/.5 Ph2
    • EC Plan Neofluar 40x/.75 Ph2
  • Manual Mechanical Stage