Used Molecular Devices Spectramax Gemini

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A microplate monochromator-based spectrofluorometer used to obtain excitation and emission measurements of multiple fluorophore-containing solutions.

– Operates in endpoint, kinetic, spectral scan, and well scan modes
– Works with microtiter plates from 6 to 384 wells in size
– Capable of both top and bottom fluorescence reading
– Dual monochromators for variable wavelength selection
– Temperature and shaker control for additional environmental control
– RS-232 interface for computer

– Wavelength Range: 250 to 850 nm
– Time Resolved Fluorescence Collection: 50 to 1450 µsec in 200 µsec increments
– Bandwidth: 9 nm (both emission and excitation)
– Detection Limit: 10 amol/well (Alkaline Phosphate, 200 µl/well)
– Light Source: Xenon flash lamp
– Read Time: < 27 sec for 96-well plate, < 45 sec for 384-well plate
– Temperature Control: Ambient +4°C to 45°C