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The Caliper Life Sciences Xenogen IVIS Spectrum is a high-sensitivity non invasive in vivo imaging system. This instrument facilitates real-time visualization and tracking of the longitudinal progression of diseases and other cellular and genetic activity in living animals.

Xenogen IVIS Spectrum is capable of both bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging. The fluorescence imaging can operate in two modes, reflectance (epi- or top illumination) or transillumination (bottom illumination). The two modes allow the IVIS spectrum to maintain a high throughput capability while still increasing the sensitivity of the fluorescent imaging.

There are ten excitation and 18 emission filters included with the system that enables spectral scanning of reporters ranging from 480 to 850 nm. This instrument allows for the separation of multiple reporters via its capability for spectral unmixing, using discrete bandpass filters, and the reduction of background autofluorescence.

The reconstruction of surface topography is enabled by a structured light projector. The combination of the structured light projector and transillumination fluorescent images allows for the computation of the 3D location and concentration of the fluorescent sources. The strength of the luminescent sources and 3D locations are computed by the conjunction of the structured light and luminescent image data. This dual illumination allows for tomographic localization of both shallow and deep tumors while minimizing background interference.

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This system is complete with an Imaging Chamber, CCD camera, XGI – 8 Gas Anesthesia System, Acquisition computer, and workstation.

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8003886HPHP xw4400 Workstation Computer / ITComputer
8003887Caliper Life SciencesXenogen XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia SystemVivariumAnesthesia Equipment
8003888Caliper Life SciencesAccesoryMicroscopyAccessory