Used Sartorius LMA110SQ-000U Mark3 Moisture Analyzer

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The Sartorius Mark3 is a modular moisture analyzer with the sensitivity, resolution, and speed required for routine Loss on Drying measurements. Its four parallel infrared quartz cylinders provide even heating up to 210 degrees Celsius in either one or two step temperature programs. Its versatile module options, expansive memory, and compact size make it an incomparable addition to labs and production facilities.

Readability: 1 mg, 0.01%
Weighing capacity: 40 g
Temperature range: 30 – 210 degrees Celsius
Method memory capacity: 60 programs
Recommended moisture range: 0.1 – 99%

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2035800SartoriusLMA110SA-000U Mark3 Moisture Analyzer PrinterAnalyticalAccessory