Used Agilent G6490A Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer with Agilent 1290 HPLC

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The Agilent G6490A is a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer featuring some of the most advanced Agilent technology for highly sensitive detection and quantitation. The 6490A utilizes Agilent’s iFunnel combination, which features the sensitivity of Agilent’s Jet Stream technology, the noise reduction capabilities of its dual ion funnel construction and hexapole curved collision cell assembly, and the expanded mass range from improved quadrupole drive electronics.

Mass range: 5 – 1400 amu
Mass resolution: 0.4 amu
Mass accuracy: 0.01% or 0.1 Da
Mass stability: 6.0 x 106
Scan rate: 12,500 Da/s
Scan modes: MS scan, MS/MS product ion scan, MRM, MS/MS neutral loss/gain scan and precursor ion scan, SIM, tMRM
Minimum MRM dwell time: 1 ms
MRM transitions: 500 per second, >40,000 MRMs possible in one method

Item-Specific Notes:
Includes Agilent 1290 HPLC with the following components:
– G7116B multi-column thermostat
– G7167B multisampler
– G7120A high-speed pump
– tray

Components Included

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